Jesus himself drew near

Luke 24:15

We are on a mission to be the vessels that God uses to meet people right where they are in their day. At the grocery store, library, gas station, hospital, school or work, Jesus steps into the moment and says, “I am here, and I love you.”

Catch the Vision….

Pray, wear the shirt.

Be sensitive to the encounter that the Holy Spirit brings.

Stop to pray, encourage, and share the gospel.

Did you know that the average t-shirt will be read 3000 times?

Ripple Effect

We operate on a reverse tithe principle. Ninety percent of the profits from these items will be poured back into the Kingdom through mission projects, both local and around the globe. Again, people will be aware that Jesus has stepped into the moment, and has stepped directly into their circumstances to say, “I love you…I am with you… I am for you…”


One of my favorite encounter stories….

About three years ago at the beginning of COVID-19, I was on a supply run and I was waiting in the check-out line. Especially during COVID, I made it a point to wear my shirts so that Jesus could speak to all that people were going through. Everyone was 6 feet apart and I heard a voice far behind me say, “I love Jesus!” I stepped out of line and the gentleman and I had a short conversation. I asked him how he was doing with everything that was going on. Once outside, I approached him in the parking lot, and I asked him if I could pray with him about anything. He is from Africa & we prayed for his daughters in Nigeria, that God would keep them safe. Such a sweet moment. Instantly, strangers became family. On the way home, God reminded me of the man’s name, Emmanuel. That was a word for me, Emmanuel, God is with us! Hallelujah!!

“I am nervous about praying with people and talking to people about Jesus.”

The amazing thing about these items is that God brings the encounter, and we simply step into it. I have experienced it over and over again. I am stopped just about every time I wear these shirts. People are drawn to Jesus through His words. They comment on the shirt. We begin a conversation. It’s actually great experience for anyone who feels inadequate or shy about sharing Jesus.

This encounter happened just last night:

I was grocery shopping. I heard a voice from behind me, “I love that shirt!” I thanked the young woman and blessed her. I asked her if there was anything I could pray with her about. She said, “I can always use prayer.” She shared her prayer need and we prayed right then, in the aisle at the grocery store. She gave me a hug (which God knew that I needed on that evening). We were both filled with such joy, and we continued our shopping with big smiles on our faces.

The Holy Spirit fills these encounters, and He brings a sweet spirit of connection. As we yield to Him, He will bring about His purpose in the moment whether it is to pray, encourage or share the gospel.

Do you have a prayer need today? We would love to agree with you in prayer.

Mission Partners

Mission Trips

Youth Groups

Items are sold individually, in group orders or can be an ongoing fundraising opportunity. Upon approval, we will give 90% of the profit from the order to a missions partner of your choice, to your youth ministry or to your mission trip fund. We may even be able to print the shirts in the language of the people you are going to minister to.


We would be honored if you would join with us on this mission by praying for us, sharing our vision and sharing with us your testimonies, pictures or videos of how “Jesus himself drew near” (Luke 24:15) while you were wearing one of these items.

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